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Five alternative ideas for used church chairs

Whilst it may not seem obvious to many people, used church chairs, pews and other church furniture can often to be found for sale. Whilst not generally appearing widely advertised, it is not unusual to find them for sale in classified advertisements and also at auction houses across the land. This article will offer you five alternative ideas for used church chairs.

Great for parties

If you have a room that is large enough to accommodate them, then used church chairs are a great way of leaving enough floor space for people to dance, talk and generally move around whilst still providing ample sitting room for those who wish to sit. A typical example can be an old-fashioned barn dance where the chairs have their backs against the walls facing each other but leaving plenty of floor space in between.

Good garden furniture

If the chairs are properly stripped of old varnish and polish, and treated with outdoor wood preservative, then they can make superb garden furniture and they can be a great talking point when you have guests around for things such as barbecues, Halloween parties and suchlike.

Unusual dining furniture

If you have a room and a table that will accommodate the length of the church chairs, then they can make superb and unique dining furniture. Not only will they be different but they can also help to set the mood for a themed dinner party such as a medieval banquet for instance.

Excellent for amateur dramatics performances

There are many people who are involved in amateur dramatics and church chairs are a great way of seating your audience, whether it be in your home or at a local theatre group. They can also be used as props in performances: Not only are they authentic looking but they will lend a little bit of extra gravitas to your play.


Often used, church benches can be picked up for next to nothing. This could be for a variety of reasons. However, if they are too much in a bad state of, then repairing them would be too expensive for it to be worthwhile. Bearing this in mind, those who have an open, traditional fire could find that buying old chairs can be an extremely cheap source of fuel.

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