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Five favourite novelty toilet seats

Novelty toilet seats cab add an element of fun to your home or to your restaurant. The toilet seat must however be functional and kept clean or the innovation will not be appreciated. Add a little fun to your ablutions with reading out this article on our five favourite novelty toilet seats.


Acrylic toilet seats
Fun toilet seats include those that are made of clear acrylic with interesting decoration locked inside the clear shell. Acrylic toilet seats include the barbed wire toilet seat and the novelty fish toilet seat which are the favourites. However, you can also find sparkly and glittery seats ideal for ladies where toilet seats with a difference will make you smile

Old world

Designer toilet seats can incorporate the family coat of arms or simply use traditional oak to make the toilet look as if it is from another era. Make sure that the seat is varnished to keep out leaks. You can paint your loo seat to fit in with the style of your decor. A renaissance seat or an arts and craft inspired-look will make a good talking point.


Padded toilet or cool toilet seats are functional but yet fun. If you choose the padded option, it should be made of a washable plastic. Imagine the pleasure of reading your paper in the comfort of a well-padded seat. Add some crossword toilet paper and you will find it really amusing. If you can find a heated seat rather than a cooling seat, midnight trips to the toilet in mid winter will become a pleasure rather than a pain.

Funky seats

Choose from a wide range of coloured seats. Perhaps, pink toilet seats or red toilet seats will fit in with your decorative ideas. Funky toilet seats will always be remembered but try to keep the colours bright ad cheerful. A green toilet seat with lots of plants and a jungle theme toilet will look great and bathroom trends often include soothing seaside blues.

Moving seats

A great seat is one which moves round between each use and is washed and dried by a hidden water tank and drier. A visit to such a toilet in the Netherlands caused great excitement for the whole party on a recent holiday. Who says toilets are boring?

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