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Five funny X-Files bloopers

The X-Files was a classic TV show that ran for almost ten years, but it was still guilty of committing grave errors. This article looks at some of the best X-Files bloopers from the show, from factual errors to geographical gaffes.

Cult phenomenon

X-Files was a television phenomenon, a critical and commercial success story which still has a cult following. Running from 1993 - 2002, it is one of the longest running science fiction shown in history, and made stars of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Created by Chris Carter, this intricately written show, followed the exploits of FBI agents Mulder and Scully as they investigated UFO sightings and other unexplained incidents. However, like most every other TV shows, it makes mistakes.


In the episode “Darkness Falls”, the agents investigate a series of deaths which as it transpires were carried out by a swarm of glowing green insects. The agents discover that the insects are afraid of the light, so to stay alive you have to stay in the light. However, one victim is clearly seen standing in the beam of his headlights, yet is still attacked by the insects. In “Dod Kalm,” survivors of a shipwreck have mysteriously aged and Mulder believes the ship was part of the Philadelphia experiment. A missing British Naval warship is said to have sailed from Leeds, which would be difficult, as Leeds is a landlocked Yorkshire city about 50 miles from the coast.

More mistakes

In the episode “Wetwired," mind control devices have been fitted to people’s cable TV, driving the viewers to commit random acts of violence. Mudler, however, is immune because he states that he is red/green colour blind, but FBI rules state people who are colour blind are not allowed to be federal agents. Mulder manages to fool a metal detector in “Unrequited.” As he passes through the detector, Mulder puts his gun and keys into the tray, but somehow his phone doesn't set off the metal detector? At the beginning of “Biogenesis,” Agent Scully says in a voice over that the universe is made up of matter and gas. Gas is a form of matter and the universe is in fact made up of matter and energy.

Errors can be forgiven

There are countless examples of these sorts of mistakes - facts are wrong, dates are misquoted, the camera crew can be seen reflected in windows and the agents geography is sometimes a little off. However, when you are producing a big budget weekly TV show, viewers can be a little forgiving.

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