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Free weight loss plans: The facts

Free weight loss plans are a dime a dozen these days since everyone has got into the health and wellness habit. However, how real and how free are these programs? Let's wade through all the rhetoric, avoid all the promises and get straight to the heart of the matter. Let's explore the facts about these weight loss plans.

Free online weight loss plans

Online weight loss programs
There are quite a few online dieting sites that offer diet programs and exercise tips for useful home diets. Of that lot, these are among the most effective because they actually can work. They are site and The Lose weight diet The Lose weight diet is a simple and effective way to lose weight from the comfort of your home. The site is easy to navigate and simple to use. The creators break the plan down into three main components. Phase 1: Learn how to lose weight
This segment teaches prospective dieters how to get the weight off by effective calorie management. You will learn how to create a calorie deficit, which means you burn more calories than you consume to lose weight faster. Phase 2: Create your weight loss diet plan
This phase will teach you how to create diet plans which work by calculating, based on gender, weight, height and level of activity, the amount of calories you need to burn in order to lose weight.
Phase 3: Continue losing weight and keep it off The final phase. This phase teaches about ensuring that the weight stays off through staying on the plan, regular exercise and routine weighing. Overall, the plan seemed easy to follow and viable.

Online diet plans Another free online diet program is offered at This site has links such as, " How to lose weight at home", " How to lose weight in College", " How to lose weight after a baby" and " Weight loss plans for beginners". There are also links for losing over 20 pounds and under 20 pounds. The site is easy to navigate and is basically the same as other weight loss sites. They calculate the calories you need to burn based on gender, weight, height and physical activity. It seems plausible enough if you have the dedication to stay the course.

Online fitness training

Online fitness training is a free site where people can sign up and receive online fitness training from home! The site is great and provides weight loss tips, nutritional tips and much more.

Final word

With any fitness or weight loss program, there needs to be focus, determination and dedication if one wants to see the results.

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