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Guide to eyeshadow application

Eye shadow can be used to enhance and accentuate the natural beauty of the eyes. If used properly, it can add depth and enhance your eyes, not overwhelm them. The colour of your eyes should always be more vivid than the colour of the shadow you are using. You should always choose colours that complement the colour of your iris. Most eye shadow techniques are fairly simple, as they should be.

Applying the base coat

Eye makeup techniques Before applying any colour to the eyelid, it might be helpful to apply a base coat. Eye shadow base is easy to find at most stores and helps the colour stay in place. In addition, a base coat will often add a slight glow to your make-up, which is always nice in the late spring and in summer.
Alternative eyeshadow makeup If you don’t have a base coat available, dust your eyelids with a small amount of loose powder.

Applying the eye shadow

Make up application After the base, choose your first colour. This is usually a neutral colour, but feel free to be creative. Using your flat shadow brush, sweep the colour all over the lid. You can go as high as the brow if you so desire. If you want your eyes to appear wider, try applying a highlight from the inner corner of your lower lid to the middle. Crease line Your next shade should be a medium colour. This should be applied with a small eye shadow brush to the crease of your eyelid. If you’re not sure where this is, look in the mirror. The crease of your eyelid is the place where the eyelid creases when your eyes are open. Blend this colour slightly with the first colour to avoid having a definite colour line.
Outer lower lid Your darkest colour should be applied last. Apply it to the outer lower lid along the eyelashes and blend with your medium colour. If your eyes are wide set, you might choose to skip this step, instead focusing on your first two colours.
Cosmetic puff If you notice that the darker shade is too dramatic, get a cosmetic puff. Put a little powder on the puff and shake off the excess. Press the puff gently onto your eyelid. This will help to tone down the darkest colours and will add some extra dimension. Final word If you’re looking to add to the drama, apply a little shadow beneath the eyes along the lower lash line. Smudge this shadow a little for a glamorous look. This is best done in the evening when you’re hoping to attract a little more attention. It can look overdone if you do this every day.

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