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Highlights for Kids: The Facts

Highlights for kids is a shortened term for the highly popular Highlights for Children magazine. This long running publication has been in circulation since 1946 and on it’s 60th anniversary the owners celebrated by printing their one billionth copy.

Key features

For a children’s magazine to be at the top for so long, it must be doing something right.
But what is it that has made this particular magazine such a success so many generations of youngsters? Overview
Highlights for Children magazine carries the sub-heading ‘fun with a purpose’ and every page tries hard to live up to that promise.
The magazine’s founders, Gary Cleveland Myers and Caroline Clark, believe strongly that children learn best by being exposed to positive influences.
In fact, it was Gary who created many of the features that still appear today, such as Goofus and Gallant and the hidden pictures for kids games.
Carefully targeted towards children aged between six and twelve years old, the monthly publication contains carefully crafted hidden picture puzzles.
These are intended to challenge the young reader and lead to a sense of accomplishment once completed.
Other regular features include crafts, fiction and non-fiction stories.
Jokes and short rhymes are provided just for entertainment, but it is the picture search games that have helped to sustain such high levels of interest over the years. Other factors
Another factor is that the magazine has evolved with the times, as can be seen in the recent Kids In Space issue, where an astronaut answered the readers questions in space.

From the same stable

Other publications
Other publications from the same publisher include the noteworthy Highlights High Five, which is for younger children aged from two to six.
This monthly magazine features 40 pages of picture finder games, stories and many other learning activities.
Alongside the two main titles are a growing number of puzzle and craft books such as Hidden Picture Playground, Mathmania, Top Secret Adventures, Which Way USA, Puzzlemania and Puzzle Buzz, which has picture games and hidden picture games.
Each brand has a clearly defined age range, ensuring the tasks are always within reach of the young reader. Final word
If you would like to take out a Highlights magazine subscription or find out more about their full range of titles visit their homepage at

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