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How do I lose weight fast?

If "How can I lose weight safely and quickly" is a question you ask yourself very often, don't panic. What follows are guidelines on how to lose weight quickly. You will lose 3 or more kilos within 3 days if you follow exactly what follows:

A quick weigh loss program.

The following recipe will help you to lose weight quickly and safely. It was intended for people who needed to lose weight quickly for work purposes. People working on airlines uses this weigh loss program more often in cases when they have to lose weight for fear of losing their work. Breakfast: - Skimmed milk (2 tablespoons powdered milk mixed with water)
- Tea or coffee Lunch: - A hard boiled or poached egg
- A salad seasoned with paraffin, vinegar, pepper and lemon Dinner: - A steak (grilled)
- A salad seasoned with paraffin, vinegar, pepper and lemon Additional tips: - You should have at least 8 cups (2 litres) of water daily. This will help to eliminate toxin from your body and help you not to feel hungry.
- Taking vitamins is also a good thing.

Healthy habits for a slim body.

Alongside the weigh loss recipe found above, you should complement by following the following instructions. You should keep these instructions as a good habits as it can help you maintain a good and healthy lifestyle and to not gain weight easily.: - Drink at least 2 litres of water daily;
- Don't drink sodas;
- Do some sport (walking for at least 30 minutes a day does help);
- Think thin (see yourself as thin);
- Don't eat salty thing (salt makes us hungry, it is proven. So don't eat too seasoned food). My notes
This weigh loss program is intended to be use for quick weigh loss, not for long period of time. For a longer and more durable weigh loss program, please contact a coach, medical doctor or any other licensed practitioner which might help you.
My advice to you is to watch your weigh throughout the year, don't wait for the eve of summer to start a weigh loss program, the best thing is to maintain a good weight all over the year.

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