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How to avoid bad cholesterol

Cholesterol is a natural substance that is produced by the body. It is composed of fat and steroid. People who have too much cholesterol in their system put themselves at risk of having a number of health issues. Because of this, many people are now looking for ways to avoid bad cholesterol.

What is bad cholesterol?

Types of cholesterol There are two different types of cholesterol. One is called LDL and the other is HDL. LDL is considered to be "bad cholesterol" as high LDL levels lead to risks.

How to lower cholesterol levels

Doctors and researchers have now stated that people should aim to have an LDL count of 70 or under. In order to do this, people with a high cholesterol will need to take medication and make significant lifestyles changes. Medication Those who suspect that they have high cholesterol should take the time to visit a doctor. The doctor will be able to perform tests to see if the patient has high levels of LDL. Those that do will be given a prescription for statin drugs. Good doctors will also advise the patient to make lifestyle changes that will reduce their cholesterol levels. Diet Firstly, people with high cholesterol should avoid foods that contain hydrogenated oil and saturated fats. Examples of food that contains these ingredients are margarine, baked goods, soup, salad dressings, animal fat and lard. Ideally, people who have a problem with cholesterol should not be consuming too much red meat. Other foods to be avoid include unhealthy oils and processed food.
What people with high cholesterol should eat One of the first things people with cholesterol issues should do is to swap their current cooking oil for an oil that contains "good fats". These oils include olive oil and peanut oil. Fruits and vegetables that are not processed should also be consumed. Herbs are good for the body if they are in their natural state. Those who eat meat should purchase lean white meats over fatty read meat.
Exercise Generally, people who have high cholesterol are overweight. Because of this, they are at risk of heart attacks and strokes. In order to keep both weight and cholesterol down, people should exercise for half an hour a few times a week.

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