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How to choose a wicker coffee table

If you are a fan of the wicker aesthetics, a wicker coffee table can be a great addition to your home. Since coffee tables tend to draw attention, the styling and décor aspects of a wicker coffee table should be duly considered when making a selection. Good quality of construction ensures a good performance and long life. Read further for tips on how to choose a wicker coffee table.

Style selection

The selected style will influence both the functionality and the aesthetics of the coffee table. Basic table
Some tables are designed as horizontal surfaces on legs. Though not very elaborate in terms of styling, they have the advantage of allowing convenient cleaning access. They appear to occupy less space within a room due to the airy design. Shelving
In addition to the top, some tables may have shelves below which are handy for storing magazines, books, multi-media controls and assorted items which would otherwise clutter the table top. Chests and boxes
Storage wicker pieces like wicker chests or a wicker box can be customised as tables for an informal air. Décor
Decorative styling of wicker coffee table can be selected, while keeping the theme of the room décor. Styles with soft profiles and curves in the framing members suit traditional rooms whereas a no-frills design with square profiling complements a contemporary décor. Variations
Variations may be found in bamboo, rattan and synthetic materials. For outdoor use, choose treated wicker which is actually a resin. Protective cover
Table tops can be protected using leather, natural leather or a glass top. Remember that adding a table glass top can make the table heavier, in case you wish to move it around often.

Colour selection

You may choose the natural tan or honey colour of wicker to extend the theme of a living space with other furniture like wicker sofas or a wicker side table. White wicker is another popular option which is great for rustic themes. It can make a room appear very cheerful and bright. It can also be used with décor where pastels dominate the colour palette, common in romantic décor. Wicker coffee tables can be painted to make a trendy contrast with other elements like a rug or the couch.

Quality inspection

Inspect the wicker table to ensure that it is stable and balanced. It should not show signs of wobbling, tipping or bowing. Since wicker is a natural fibre, some inconsistencies in the design are acceptable, but the weave should be uniform. There should be no broken or split fibres which can get caught in fabrics, and cause damage to the table. You can showcase the timeless appeal of wicker by opting for a wicker coffee table.

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