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How to create DIY marble effect nail art

This is a simple, no-mess technique for creating interesting and fashionable marble effect nail art. Nail art trends are evolving rapidly, leaving only a small space open for traditional, solid-colored manicures. Fortunately, there are many simple techniques, like nail art marbling, for creating quality DIY nail art designs. Taking guidance from the article below, familiarise yourself with a straight-forward method for marbling your finger and toenails.

Nail polish remover
Nail file
Nail buffer
Nail polish (at least two different colours)
Top coat (clear or glitter)
Paper towel Step one
Prepare your nails. Remove any old nail polish, neatly shape nails by filing and gently buff the surface of your nails to remove any oils. Buffing is extremely important, as excessive oil on the surface of your nails can lead to your nail polish chipping prematurely. Step two
Decide on how you will be using your nail polish colours. You need at least two polish colours to complete this look, although, if you’d prefer, you can use up to four different colours. Choose one as your base shade, which will be the dominating colour and additional shades to use for marbling accents. For best results, use colours that contrast against one another. Step three
Apply one coat of your selected base colour. If desired, apply a second coat once the first coat dries completely. Step four
Dip your q-tip into the polish colour that you’d like to use for the marble designs. Dab it around on a paper towel to remove excess polish and randomly pat the q-tip onto the nail to make light marble effects. If you choose to marble with more than one colour, repeat this process with the additional nail polishes by adding light layers of marbled effects over the previous colour used. Always allow each layer of marbled designs to dry thoroughly before dabbing on the next layer. Step five
Apply one layer of a clear or glitter top coat to finish your marble nails. The top coat will seal in the polish for a long-lasting manicure and will also add a glossy or glittery finishing touch.

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