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Where to order wholesale beauty supplies

If you are thinking of opening your own salon business, you are probably looking for places where you can order wholesale beauty supplies. Read in this article on where you can buy hair equipment and cosmetic supplies in bulk.

The advantages of buying wholesale

Purchasing salon supplies in bulk gives you the distinct benefit of accumulating potential savings. Buying wholesale means that prices are cheaper. Not only businesses such as parlours and barber shops can benefit from mass purchases - even individuals who buy beauty products directly from mass sources receive discounts when buying wholesale. Health and beauty products need not be horribly expensive if you purchase in large volumes. You also gain by reducing countless trips to the supermarkets or
drug-stores just to find your health and beauty materials. For salon owners, acquiring their barbers supplies in bulk means not only increased profits, but also ensures a continuous flow of business. After all, who wants to be in a parlour that does not even have a good pair of scissors to nip your hair away?

Where to purchase wholesale beauty supplies?

Salons Direct Salons Direct is one bulk supplier of hair supplies and salon products. From hair clippers, salon towels to salon chairs, it carries well-known brands of beauty supplies such as Babyliss, L'Oreal, Balmain, Wella, Schwarzkopf and others. Ellisons UK Ellisons UK is another source of salon equipment including health and beauty supplies that are affordable. It even has its own academy for courses on creative cutting, hair wrapping, massage, barbering and other subjects. The Wholesaler Consider looking at The Wholesaler which has an extensive directory of wholesale sources in the entire UK. There is also a link for retailers or individuals if you are interested in shopping smaller quantities of health and beauty care products. Salon Sales Salon Sales offer hairdressing, beauty equipment and supplies. They have their special websites as well for students who are into hair and nail courses. Direct Salon Supplies Direct Salon Supplies is another distributor of furniture, equipment, and beauty provisions. From razors to electrical appliances, brushes and combs to shampoos, conditioners, perm products and even neon signs, this store has them all. Butterfly Supplies
Butterfly Supplies is another site not to be missed. The company offers both retail and bulk shopping from towels, brushes and sponges, waxing materials amongst others.

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