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How to get straight hair?

Super straight hair is much easier to achieve now with the introduction of hair straighteners. Just follow these easy-to-apply and simple-to-carry out steps to obtain salon straight hair and ensure that frizz and kinks should be a thing of the past.

The First Step

The first step in achieving super sleek hair is to wash with a shampoo and conditioner of your choice. You can use a thickening line for extra volume or something designed for split ends, anything that will boost the end result of your hair styling. Use a minimal amount of conditioner as too much will leave hair feeling and looking too fly-away to achieve this look perfectly. Try and rinse hair with cold water for added shine.

Preparing Your Hair

The next step is to lightly towel dry hair. Normally we would suggest using a heat protection spray on hair at this point but as we are going for poker straight locks you might want to use a straightening serum or cream instead. You can use both, if you use them lightly, the less products you use the better. Detangle hair at this point with a wide tooth comb and get ready for blow drying.

The Perfect Blow Dry

When blow drying hair straight you need to have patience, it is all too tempting to skip onto the next section when hair is still slightly damp. Begin by dividing hair into sections and start at the nape of your neck with the lowest layer of hair. Use a natural bristle brush, anything plastic or metal will cause damage to your hair by snagging and pulling, this is best avoided. It is also best to dry hair straight with a nozzle as this directs the air in one direction. The larger the brush the more volume your hair will achieve, which is what we want, so take your brush and begin to gently dry each section downwards, running the brush from root to tip as you go.

Straightening in Sections

Once hair is perfectly dry, it should appear quite straight already with plenty of volume. Now repeat the sectioning process but use a hot iron to straighten your hair very gently running the straighteners from root to tip as you did your brush when blow drying.

Finishing Touches

Once you have successfully straightened your hair, ensure you keep your look in place with a touch of product designed to smooth hair and enhance gloss and then spritz with hair spray. Too much hair spray will make your locks look unnatural so use lightly and your straight hair should now be looking and feeling beautifully straight without looking too flat. Keeping movement and volume in hair is the key to perfect straight hair.

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