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How to grow dreadlocks for men

Dreadlocks have become popular among people of all races and ages over the last half century due to their expressiveness, simplicity, affordability and flexibility. This article explains how to do dreadlocks through simple methods that anyone can apply.

The essentials

Dreadlocks are one of the few hairstyles that men use to keep their hair long. In general, male hair tends to be thicker than female hair with the growth per square centimetre being much higher due to hormonal differences. This makes dreadlocks more popular among males than females due to the peculiar manner in which they grow. Men can grow dreadlocks from short hair or re-assembled long hair. However, for all this to happen, a dreadlock kit should be available. You will need a shampoo that leaves no residues, dreadlock wax, locking accelerator, rubber bands and combs. Residue-free shampoo For all types of hair size, the first thing that you need to do is to wash with the residue-free shampoo. Residues in the first round of washing may cause a drastic increase of dandruff. The hairdresser then applies locking accelerator on each dreadlock, leaving it damp without contacting the scalp.

How to go about it

After this, the methods vary depending on hair length. For short hair, the hairdresser uses a soft bristled brush to rub the hair in a circular motion until tiny locks start to form. After this, he or she applies a very small amount of dread wax to each lock to give it a form after which you let it dry, preferably covered. You can then repeat this process at home or with the hairdresser for about three months before the dreads completely lock up. This method is best for hair that is about three inches long.
Long hair For long hair, the hairdresser can divide into sections that match the preferred size of the lock with rubber bands holding the base of each section. The hairdresser then applies dread wax on each lock in a circular motion that twists it into shape, forming a beautiful strand of hair. He or she must segregate each lock until it takes the form of a dread, a process that may last up to four months. Regular washing thereafter with a shampoo that leaves residue will follow during the formation period. A final word Whatever the chosen method, dreadlocks are a great way of expression and a cheap hairstyle to maintain for those who find regular salon trips tedious.

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