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How to incorporate low calorie snacks into your diet

Many people who are trying to diet fall by the wayside because of continual snacking. But if you are a person who likes to 'graze', it can be very difficult to only eat at mealtimes. A solution is to have low calories snacks. In this article, we look at good low calorie snacks, some low calorie treats.

Low calorie snack ideas

Most vegetables are low calorie, so snack on raw carrots, celery, cabbage, snow peas, and tomatoes. Fruit is relatively low in calories, apart from bananas.
It is best to snack on apples, oranges, pears and most soft fruit.
However, try not to overdo it, as each of these does have around 40-60 calories apiece.
Sandwiches can be made out of crispbread or low calorie bread such as Weight Watchers or Nimble.
Do not use any spread, just low fat cheese, egg, and/or salad.
The whole sandwich will be only around 100 calories.
You may also prepare some toast with one of these bread types.

Low calorie snack treats

Jaffa cakes are only around 40 calories each, and make a great snack. Yoghurt is a nice treat snack, especially chocolate yoghurt. Make sure to buy the low fat variety. Weight Watchers do chocolate eclairs, which are only about 80 calories each. You can find them in the frozen section of the supermarket. A small handful of dried fruit is a nice snack if you have a sweet tooth, and it is quite low in calories. Crumpets are quite low in calories - just don't load them with butter!

Snacking hints and tips

Don't snack all the time - if you do that, you may eat far more when snacking than you realise, which will jeopardise any weight loss. If you are counting calories, make sure you count your snacks. Non-counted food tends to prevent weight loss. Final word
Have a hot drink with your snack and sit down to eat it.
This feels more like a meal and will fill you up more - even if it is only a cup of coffee and an apple.
You tend to forget the meals that you had on the run and this will consequently lead you into eating too much.

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