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How to install a flag holder

Are you a patriotic person, or perhaps a fanatical football fan? If the answer is yes, then you are probably interested in exhibiting a flag banner on the exterior of your house as an indication of your allegiance to your country or favourite team. However, the elements mean that the flag will need to be adequately secure. Here is how to do it.

Decide on the location

First, you will need to decide on the location for your flag. This could could be somewhere on the tip of the house or perhaps lower down on the front of the porch. To make things easier, try and choose a location that doesn't involve attaching the flag holder to concrete, although if you can't, attaching it to concrete can be done.

Place the holder in position

Once you have decided on the location, lift the flag pole bracket into position. Next, mark with a pencil the points on the wall where the screws will be fixed.

Drill the holes

Drill the holes at the points where you have marked. If you are drilling into concrete, you will need to use both a hammer drill and a special masonry drill-bit for this. Ensure that you make the holes at least 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches deep.

Seal the holes

Once you have drilled all the holes, you should now seal them by pushing a small amount of caulk sealant into the holes. Push a fair amount of the caulk into the holes; the screws will naturally spread it. Line the holes with stainless steel screw anchors if you are attaching the bracket to brick or concrete, for extra support.

Attach the bracket

Now, you can lift the flagpole bracket into position. If possible, get someone to hold the bracket in place so that you can insert the screws. For this job (especially if you are installing the holder in brick), you will need to attach the bracket with special screws called Tapcon. This is a type of screw that is extremely strong and using it will ensure that your flag remains strong even in high winds. In addition, make sure that you use screws that are at least 1 1/4-inch in length. If the bracket came with smaller screws, don't use them. Insert the screws into the holes and tighten them securely with a screwdriver. You can now slot your flag into the flag pole holder and, that's it - job done.

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