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How to landscape your garden?

Landscaping your garden is not and should not be thought of as a weekend project. To successfully landscape your garden could take you many months or even years to reach completion. Your completed design should compliment the exterior structures and outdoor spaces that are available. Read on to learn how to transform your garden.

Creating a new look

What is landscaping?
Landscaping could be just the weekend or evenings spent tweaking your garden over many years to gradually change its appearance.
It could also be a sudden mass change through a professionally designed landscape business.
Whatever landscaping ideas you may have for your homes exterior, it should lead to a better home and garden.
Adding new additions
Through landscaping, you could add new retaining walls, fences or a trellis to create separate areas.
Create raised garden beds, construct a new path or build a patio.
There are numerous ways to create a new look to your garden. Getting ideas
Use gardening books or the internet to see pictures of what can be achieved, consult with professional landscaping companies for ideas as to how to transform your garden.
Draw an accurate plan of your existing garden and add paths and trees for reference.
Print several copies of this outline plan and sketch ideas and possible garden renovations until you decide what you would like.

How to transform your garden

Projects to complete first
It is always best to tackle the bigger projects first, those areas that will become focal points of your new garden.
If you require a new path, get that project under way and completed before the onset of winter.
A project only half completed one year may not be seem so appealing the next. Retaining walls
These help to contain raised beds of soil in your garden and their additional height can be easier to keep free of weeds than those at ground level.
Retaining walls can be made from many materials, stone or brick are often used although wood can be an attractive alternative material. Patio
A patio made from stones or bricks is another major building project for any garden and provides an ideal space for relaxing and enjoying your garden.
A raised platform of wooden decking is an attractive and eye-catching focal point for any landscaped garden.
Other features
You may wish to place a boulder in your garden and with the use of a water pump, create a water feature or even a bird bath to attract some wildlife into your newly designed garden.

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