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Strengths and weaknesses of roller garage doors

Roller doors are a very popular choice for garages. Their popularity can be attributed to the several advantages such as a compact operating mechanism and suitability to a range of garage types. . However, it is also important to be informed of the limitations in their design.

Roller garage doors

Roller garage doors have horizontal panels which roll up over tracks and lie against the ceiling when the door is in open position. Material used
Corrugated steel is the most common material used for roller shutters. Transparent corrugated fibreglass doors may also be considered in situations where strong impact resistance is not a criterion. A summary of strengths and weaknesses can come handy prior to buying the garage door.

Positive points

Space saving
The biggest strength of roller doors is that they are a space-saving solution. Since the door rises vertically and has no swing or kick-out, it is a neat and compact option. It is best-suited in cases where the driveway length is restricted since it allows the car to park right up to the door face. The door is operational even if there are objects placed close to it. Resistant
Since roller doors have a corrugated design, they are inherently stronger and display higher impact resistance due to the stiffness created by corrugations. Sealed to a better extent
The perimeter of roller doors is sealed to a better extent as compared to hinged shutters. A rubber seal at the bottom of the door also controls the ingress of pests, dust and leaves. Automation
Again, in comparison to hinged doors, the roller door enjoys the advantage of lending itself to automation.
It is available in a very wide variety of colour and even wood grain finishes. Versatile
It is versatile solution, which can be customised to fit different situations and garage doors sizes. Types of shutters
Both insulated and non-insulated roller shutters are available. Insulated shutters have double skin aluminium slats with a foam core.

Negative points

The roller door is more expensive than tilt-up or up-and-over shutters. Requires a headroom clearance
The door requires a headroom clearance of about 300mm on the inside between the soffit of the lintel and the ceiling. Not all garages have this clearance. Prone to malfunction
Since the mechanism has several parts, it is more prone to malfunction and differential wear and tear thus requiring higher maintenance when compared to hinged shutters. Needs professional installation
It is preferable to hire professional services for the garage installation since the mechanism has several parts. This incurs an additional expense.

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