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The pros and cons of window bars

If you are thinking of building security features for your home or office, you are likely to come across window bars. This inexpensive installation can be quite effective as a protective mechanism. However, there are several pros and cons associated with their use. Make sure to update yourself with these as you develop your home security strategy.


Windows are elements on a building facade which are very vulnerable to attacks since they are covered in glass which permits views and is fragile enough to be broken in. Window bars are a window security mechanism comprising of a set of bars fixed in the window frame which can block any unauthorised access. Apart from being a physical barrier, just the appearance of window bars can discourage intruders from breaking in. Safety Parents are often concerned about leaving windows open with young children in the house. The window bars can serve as a safety mechanism and prevent accidents and falling hazards. Window bars can be opened with a release mechanism which can be operated from the inside. This allows evacuation in case of emergencies like fire. Inexpensive and easy installation
Window bars are one of the least expensive home security features. They have a cheap cost and simple installation which does not require professional services. On the other hand, security provisions like alarms need high costs for purchase, installation, maintenance and monitoring. Alarm systems also have the undesirable issue of sometimes generating a false alarm which is an unnecessary expense.


Visual considerations
Security bars are not favoured for their appearance. Some users feel these obstruct the view from the window and give a prison-like feel to the interior space. Unlike window grilles which have articulated patterns to match the building aesthetics, window bars are limited in visual design aspects. Release mechanism
It can be quite tricky to buy security window bars with an appropriate release mechanism. If the mechanism is too complicated, it will delay the operation of windows in case of emergency and can be a serious safety risk since it blocks a potential escape route. They should not require keys, special tools like a screw-driver or excessive force to open them. Fire fighter access
Window bars can also become a barrier and prevent the ingress of fire fighters. Window bars are practical and inexpensive security provision. However, they should be easy to operate and may be combined with other safety measures.

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