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How to select eye make-up for blue eyes

Beautiful blue eyes can really 'pop' with the right eye make-up tips. You don't have to layer on liner, powder and mascara to achieve the look you want, whether it is day or night make-up ideas you are after. Read this article to find out the best eyeshadow colour and mascara for your blue eyes, and the best ways of applying eye make-up.

The basics

Everyone needs a few make-up ideas every now and then, and what better way to choose make-up colours and styles than to compliment your existing features? Blue eyes already stand out and shine, but the right use of mascara, for example black mascara for dark-blue eyes or brown mascara for light-blue eyes will make your eyes look even more beautiful. Quite often, people with blue eyes will have light hair or light eyebrows, so it is important not to overdo it with dark make-up, unless you are going for a really dramatic look. First, let's have a look at how to create bright, blue eyes for a more subtle, daytime look.

The daytime look

Pink or peach coloured eyeshadow will bring out your blue eyes. If you brush the powder over the main part of your lid, then add some darker peach or brown shades near the lid, it will make the eyes more defined. If you would prefer an even more neutral look, then try taupe or beige colours - but be careful not to go too yellow. A brown eyeliner will compliment the eyeshadow, and slick on some brown or a light lashing of black mascara to complete the look.

The night-time look

Creating smokey eyes for blue eyes is really fun. You can use all sorts of colours, but the best eye shadow includes purples, different blue eyeshadow and metallics such as grey and silver (but avoid gold). Once you have applied the eyeshadow, you can use a black eyeliner on the top lid to add definition. Don't be afraid to experiment using different styles. Blends of colours can make blue eyes look really dramatic.

Tips to remember

Eye make-up tips to remember when wearing smokey make-up is to use white eyeliner or shadow in the corners of your eye by the tear ducts to open them up more against heavy colours. Also, when you have blue eyes, it is best to pencil over your eyebrows with a light-brown liner to make sure they don't get 'lost' amongst any dark or bright colours.

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