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How to set up a small business website

When you are starting a business, the best thing that you can do is set up a website. This will increase the number of people that you can reach out to. You can make your own website for your business or you can hire someone to do it for you. This article shows you how to set up a small business website.

Hiring someone

Depending on your business needs, you may need to hire someone to make your business site for you. This is usually best for those who have E-commerce services or lots of online forms. However, if you know HTML and other scripting languages, then you could do it yourself.

Making your own site

You will need programs to be able to make your own website. There are plenty of free content management systems but you may find that you need to use some of the programs that you need to pay for.

Decide on the domain name

This is arguably the most important part of your small business site. The domain name is the address that people will type in to find you so you need it to match your business and make it easy to remember. Link it with your business name so that people know who you are. You will also need to remember that this will be used to rank you in search results, so make it high in SEO.

Design your web pages

You will need to decide on your pages and how they will look. You can use templates or themes to help you with the design procedure. You should make sure that you have the following: - Home page
- About Us
- Products/Services
- Contact Us
- Disclaimer/copyright.

Make your content high quality

You need your website to be found and the best way of doing this is through SEO. Make sure you include this in a good way - you may need to hire a consultant to do this exceptionally well.

Look for web hosting sites

You will need a hosting site to be able to host your new website. This could be something that you should consider earlier on because there are some that will offer both website building and hosting. There are many different hosting companies and you will need to find the best one for your small online business. Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself: - Do you need managed hosting?
- Will you benefit with dedicated hosting?
- Is small shared hosting big enough for your company?

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