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Review: the Omega juicer

The Omega Juicer line of juicers helps people support healthy digestion and have more energy by extracting the nutrients from fruits and vegetables efficiently and easily. From the first model, the Omega 1000 juicer, to the advanced and powerful Omega 8005 juicer, there is a model for everyone to enjoy the benefits of fresh juice.

Juicy details

Omega Juicers have efficient and powerful motors. For example, The Omega 4000 juicer has a 1/3 Horsepower 5200-rpm motor, making it a green power juicer because of all the electricity the could be saved over other models. Lastability
Stainless steel and plastic parts will last long after the warranty expires, without rusting. All juicers come with a wide feed chute, and a spout that ejects juice directly into your glass. Other attachments to make your juicer more versatile, such as a citrus reamer, are sold separately.

Health benefits

Fruit juice is a delicious and convenient way for adults and children to receive essential nutrients like vitamin C, calcium and vitamin D, and disease fighting phytonutrients, making it a wise addition to any diet.
Function of the Omega juicers
Omega juicers extract the maximum amount of benefits from vegetables without killing the fragile nutrients through heat and over-processing. For more nutritional benefits, the Omega 8003 juicer, designed specifically for tougher greens like wheat grass, would be a smart investment.
More nutritious results
Furthermore, freshly squeezed juice packs more nutrients and flavour than store bought. You'll be surprised at the difference in taste even simple apple juice has when squeezed at home. Juice from the store has been pasteurized - essentially cooked - before bottling, killing vitamins and flavour. Fresh squeezed juice loses none of that!

The verdict

Several owners say the Omega 4000 is reliable and will outlast the 15-year warranty, and that the the motor is powerful enough for root vegetables as well as greens, but others have reported the pulp collector sometimes becomes clogged and unstable. Most of them say it is the best value for the money, considering its longevity and efficiency. Recommendation
The most basic model, the Omega 1000 Juicer, received this commendation from a buyer on
"If I were to get another juicer, I'd definitely buy an Omega. The quality surpasses others I have seen."

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