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The pros and cons of wrought iron bed frames

Wrought iron furniture has been in use since centuries and its popularity continues to grow. A wrought iron bed frame can be an important addition to your bedroom and is sure to become a focal point. Familiarise yourself with the pros and cons of wrought iron beds when you are considering one.


Wrought iron furniture is characterised by the appealing designs on the iron headboards and footboards. The aesthetics associated with the wrought iron furniture bring elegance to the room while antique wrought iron beds hold a special charm. Since the designs are made of iron rods of small diameter, these beds have the additional benefit of seeming light and airy. Paneled furniture on the other hand can look bulky and heavy. Durability
Wrought iron beds have superior durability when compared to other choices like wooden beds. The exceptional strength and load bearing characteristics of the material makes these beds very tough. Buying a high quality wrought iron bed can be made for a sound investment and requires minimal maintenance. Height and size
Since wrought iron beds have platforms which carry mattresses, they have a greater height than beds with box springs. By sitting well-off the floor, they make it convenient to access and clean the floor below. In addition, the space under the bed can be used for keeping miscellaneous items and can augment the available storage of a room. They are available in standard sizes including King size, Queen size and Twin size.


Quality and cost
Though iron as a material is very strong, the strength of the wrought iron bed frame depends on the quality of welds. In case of inferior quality welds, the beds are prone to damage and can also have annoying problems like squeaking. High quality of bed construction is instrumental in its performance and is accompanied by higher costs. Heat conduction and weight
Wrought iron beds have some unfavourable performance issues when used. Iron, being a good conductor is very susceptible to changes in temperature. The bed frame can feel uncomfortably cold on contact in a room with very low temperature
air-conditioning. Wrought iron bedframes are also very heavy and difficult to handle in case of moving houses or shifting bed position. Style customisation
Though the bed can complement several themes, the design of wrought iron beds does not lend itself to customisation since it has a very defined style. A wrought iron bed can be a cherished feature of your bedroom if you can ensure its quality and fit with the room decor.

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