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The story of the Bob the Builder song

'Can We Fix It' is the theme song from the British animated children's series Bob the Builder. The theme song also provided a hit single for Bob and his group of friends. This article provides the story of Bob the Builder song.

Who is Bob the Builder?

Bob the Builder is the star of an animated adventure show about a builder named Bob and his group of friends and machines. Alongside Wendy, his most trusted colleague, Bob and the gang set about assisting with construction and renovation projects. During each episode, Bob and friends must overcome stumbling blocks and learn the art of cooperation. They are inspired by the shows catchphrase, "Can we fix it? Yes we can." Bob the Builder is the brainchild of Keith Chapman and is produced by Hit Entertainment. The show first aired in January 1993 and continues today, including various worldwide adaptations.

About the song

Following the instant success of the show in 2000, British musician Paul K Joyce wrote the Bob the Builder Song, Can We Fix It? The song was adapted from the show's theme tune and is dominated by the phrase "Can we fix it? Yes we can." Sang by British actor Neil Morrissey (also the voice of Bob in the TV series) Can We Fix It is an up-tempo song about how Bob and his friends are able to work as a team in order to get a job done no matter how challenging it might be. Alongside being a fun, party-style song, Can We Fix It maintains the moral of the show in teaching children the importance of friendship and cooperation. This is emphasised by the lyrics "Bob and the gang have so much fun, working together they get the job done." Paul K Joyce is also known for writing music for other UK children's shows. His credits include Noddy's Toyland Adventures and The Worst Witch.

Success and criticism

In December 2000, Bob the Builder's Can We Fix It became a member of the prestigious list of number one UK Xmas songs, successfully beating both Eminem and Westlife to the top spot. The song also reached the number one position in Australia. Can We Fix It amassed sales of one million by June 2001 and currently sits in 93rd position on the list of Million-selling UK Singles. Despite its incredible sales and success in 2000, the song also received some criticism. In a poll conducted on Channel 4 television, viewers voted the song as the 42nd All-time Worst Ever Single.

Follow up

Since Can We Fix It, Bob the Builder has released two albums: The Album and Never Mind the Breeze Blocks. For more information check out

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