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The types of ground beef recipes

Beef mince recipes call for the use of ground beef, a really versatile meat product. There are many recipes in which you can use this product from hamburgers to pastas. It can also take a wide variety of flavourings, and due to its versatility, it has been used in cookery all over the world.


Cooking beef mince in a Bolognese style is a quick and simple way to make a hearty meal. - Start by lightly sauteing a chopped onion and some garlic.
- Add some finely chopped celery and carrot and sweat down.
- Once the carrots have gone soft, add the beef mince and cook until browned.
- Add finely chopped tomato either fresh or tinned.
- Cook until the tomato sauce has thickened and has taken on a brownish meaty colour.
- Stir in salt and pepper to taste and a handful of chopped fresh herbs like basil, parsley and celery leaves.
- Now your mince is ready to be eaten, spooned over freshly cooked pasta of your choice, rice or toast. Lasagna with Bolognese sauce Your Bolognese can also be used to make lasagna. - Simply layer alternating layers of sheet pasta, white sauce and Bolognese. Remember, the pasta will soften by soaking up the liquids in the white sauce and the Bolognese, so make sure these are both quite saucy. - Top with grated cheese and bake for a traditional lasagna. American classic chilli con carne - Create the american classic chilli con carne by cooking the Bolognese and adding a tin of red kidney beans, cayenne pepper and fresh chilli to the dish. - Serve over fluffy white rich.

Hamburgers, frikadellen and koftas

Hamburger meat recipes are extremely versatile. A common thread in hamburgers, frikadellen and koftas is that the minced beef is bound together with bread crumbs and egg. From there, you can flavour the mixture with whichever herbs and spices take your fancy. - Mix ground coriander, cinnamon and cayenne pepper into the mince, shape and refrigerate before throwing these barbecue perfect patties on the grill. - Add finely chopped onion and fresh parsley into the beef, bread crumb and egg mix, roll into small balls for cocktail frikadellen and larger balls for a main meal. Fry lightly serve with a dipping sauce at a cocktail function, picnic or a snack, or add gravy after they are fried and serve over mashed potato. - For a middle eastern inspired dish add onion, coriander, cumin, garlic, lemon and mint to the beef mince. Press egg shaped clumps of the mince mixture into skewers and cook over an open flame. Serve your koftas with lemony yogurt dressing.

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Simple chicken curry recipes

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