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The uses of nutritional yeast flakes

Nutritional yeast flakes are a great source of protein, vitamins and amino acids and yet, many people are not familiar with this natural product. It is popular with those following a vegan diet as it is one of the only sources of vitamin B-12 within non-animal sources. Read the guide below to discover how this great-tasting nutritional yeast can be used.

Ideas for uses

As a savoury additive
When added to a vegan diet, the cheesy taste helps to supplement many savoury dishes and can be used in most dishes of this type. The flakes can be used as a condiment and are easily sprinkled onto the top of any savoury dish once cooking has been completed. Once you are familiar with its taste, you can further experiment and learn to incorporate it into your favourite dishes. Add to snacks
Sprinkle onto freshly-produced popcorn after adding with a little melted butter. It adds a delicious taste to this and other savoury snack foods and helps to provide a daily intake of vitamin B-12. Soups and sauces
Add nutritional yeast flakes or its powder form to your favourite soups and sauces. It can also be added to gravy to create a tasty finish to any meal. Do not add the flakes or powder to the cooking process too early or the nutritional value will be lost.

Treats, not just for vegans

When adding to baked products, add small amounts experimentally until you find the taste that you require to your baked goods. To accommodate the flakes, you may need to increase the liquid content when mixing the ingredients together. Supplement for cheese
Many vegan dishes that contain cheese can be altered to include this product to make a tasty alternative to the vegan cheese recipes that exist. Pizza and pasta topping Use the flakes or powder to create a topping to your pizza or pasta dishes and blend with almonds to create a unique taste. Nutritional yeast and cats Some pets and cats in particular, love the aroma of nutritional yeast. You could give your cat a treat by adding a little nutritional yeast into its food bowl. Do not leave nutritional yeast out unattended as the aroma will attract the attention of your cat or other pets and they will eat every unattended flake that they can.

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