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Top five George Strait songs

George Strait is a living country music legend. Born in Texas on May 18th 1952, the George Strait biography is like an adventure. Not only is he a highly successful singer but he is also an actor, music producer and, in his free time, a cattle wrangler.

The top five singles

In over 30 years of releasing recordings, he has stayed loyal to his original record company, MCA Records. George Strait was named as the top country music artist of the past 25 years by Billboard magazine in June 2010. For two years, the Academy of Country Music Awards announced Strait as their Artist of the Decade for the 2000s. Music
George Strait's music is a blend of western swing, emotional ballads and country music.
Picking the top five George Strait songs is no easy task.
He has released over 90 singles ever since 1981.
In fact, the vast majority of his singles reached number one or at least a top ten position in the US Country charts.
Top five
Leaving aside any personal favourites and going purely by the songs position in the US commercial charts, here are his top five singles: 1 She'll leave you with a smile (2002)
2 Living and living well (2002)
3 Write this down (1999)
4 The best day (2000)
5 I saw God today (2008) Surprisingly the so called 'breath song', The breath you take, taken from the Twang album does not make the top five.

Top five albums

George Strait's run of hit singles is topped by his incredible album sales.
He has sold more than 68.5 million albums in the US which has won him 13 multi-platinum, 33 platinum and 38 gold albums. Four of his albums have reached the top position in the US commercial charts: -Twang (2009)
-Troubadour (2008)
-Somewhere down in Texas (2005)
-Carrying your love with me (1997) Coming in fifth position after finishing 3rd in the US commercial albums chart is the following:
It just comes natural (2006) Final word
George Strait's lyrics, although not written by him, are always emotionally rich.
They are a natural fit for his unique style and vocal pitch and this might explain the incredible run of success that he has enjoyed in the charts.

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