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What brewing equipment do I need to make beer?

A pleasure for many people is to enjoy a pint of ice cold beer during the course of their evening as this helps with the relaxation process. By making your own beer, the benefits are not only in the cost as the financial savings can be quite substantial but also in the satisfaction of enjoying something you have created. Read on to discover what equipment you need to make your own beer.

Equipment list for brewing

Home brewing equipment
The start up costs can seem a little expensive at first, but apart from the ingredients to make your beer, most of the equipment can be used again and again. Buy a home-brew kit and all the equipment required to make your first batch will be included within that kit. Airlock
Several types of airlocks are available - they are filled with water to prevent contamination during the fermentation process. Boiling pot
The ideal size is sufficient to hold at least three gallons (24 pints). These are made from either stainless steel, aluminium or ceramic coated steel. A five gallon size is the cheapest option to buy and many home brew kits are geared to this size. Bottles
A five gallon batch of homemade beer is sufficient for 48 x 12oz bottles that can be recapped. Thirty of the 22oz bottles could be used as this reduces capping time. It is best not to use twist off caps as these do not re-cap well and tend to break easily. Bottle capper
These are available as hand cappers and bench cappers. The bench cappers are more versatile but are more expensive. Bottle brush
These are long handled nylon bristled brushes and are necessary to initially clean the bottles before use.

More vital equipment

This is a six gallon plastic bucket which is ideal for beginners. Glass carboys can also be used for this stage and are available in 3, 5 or 6.5 gallon sizes. Pyrex measuring cup
This is one of the most important tools for home brewing. The heat resistant glass container can safely measure boiling water and is easily sanitised. Siphon
This tool is made of clear plastic tubing and comes with an optional bottle filler. Stirring paddle
Food quality plastic paddle or spoon that is used for stirring the brew during the boiling stage. Thermometer
This needs to have a range capable of measuring up to just below the boiling point of water.

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