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What is Desktop Publishing?

Desktop Publishing is the creation of documents incorporating text and images, and setting them out on a page in a creative and effective way. This article will discuss how a document can be produced using Desktop Publishing, different types of software and the types of document which can be created.

How can a document be produced using Desktop Publishing?

Desktop publishing can be achieved using specialist PC software, but it can also be undertaken using the features on a word processor. To create a professional looking document on a word processor sometimes requires in depth knowledge of the program, but with today’s software, it is relatively easy to put together a professional looking brochure or leaflet. Design and layout Titles, text wrapping, page layout and cropping of images also create an effective design and layout in any document. In addition, borders can be added, page colours can be changed and professional looking fonts and design can be applied to a document of choice.
Built-in template
On word processing programs, there is also the option of using a built-in template which can be modified to suit once it has been selected. A template can provide a base to work from, and images, content and or colour scheme can be changed as required.

Desktop Publishing software

The most basic software is a general word processor, but there are some more programmes which are specifically designed for the purpose of Desktop Publishing and include: - Adobe Framemaker
- Adobe in design
- Adobe Pagemaker
- iStudio publisher
- Microsoft Office publisher
- Open Office
- Quark XPress

Documents which can be created using Desktop Publishing

Documents produced using Desktop Publishing software look professional and provide a good impression of a business. Documents which are well set out and contain the right amount of text and graphics can be very effective, and it is important for any business that may produce information which is distributed to its customers or other corporations. Types of documents
There are many different types of documents which can be created using Desktop Publishing Software and include: - Brochures to promote or advertise a business or product
- Leaflets for general advertising
- Information booklets providing more specific information
- Business reports
- Business portfolios
- Newsletters to inform customers about company updates
- Company projects
- Company web pages which can also be created using Desktop Publishing software

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