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What's the quickest way to get a six pack?

Carving out the abdominal muscles does take work, but it can be done. You may have to lose belly fat, but while you are burning fat, you can work on developing the muscles underneath with abdominal training exercises. Try these tips to get your six pack.

Abdominal exercises

Part of building up a six pack is doing exercises such as sit-ups, leg lifts and other movements that work your core. Set aside ten to fifteen minutes in the morning or evening to do a simple abdominal workout that can be done at home. After stretching your body for one to two minutes, start with three sets of 75 crunches to start burning your upper muscles. Do not do them quickly, in fact doing them slowly, so that you can feel each repetition doing its work much more effectively. Try holding every fifth crunch for ten seconds to keep a slow pace and to increase the workout. Once 75 crunches are easy, increase to three sets of 100, then 125 and so on, up to 150. Always, start with your upper abdominal muscles before moving on to the lower abs. Next are leg lifts, lying on your back with one knee bent, the other straight. Raise each leg so it is perpendicular to the floor thirty times. Next, while still lying on the ground, bring your knees to your chest and then, extend the legs straight out, with your hands gently positioned behind your head or crossed in front of your chest. Extend and bring the knees back, never allowing your legs to touch the ground. Start with three sets of ten and increase your sets by five. Finish your abdominal workout by focusing on side core muscles. First, do side crunches, lying on your side with knees bent and to the side, hands behind head and bend towards your hip. Start with 30 crunches for each side and increase. Next, stand up, put your hands behind your head and raise your right leg to touch your right elbow. Then, do the same with the left side. Start with twenty repetitions for each side and increase.

Burning fat

Find time everyday to strengthen your stomach muscles with abdominal exercise, but for a six pack, you have to burn fat. Eat a healthy, low-fat diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Add fat-burning foods to your diet such as green tea, ginger and cayenne. Do some sort of intense cardio workout at least three days a week, such as jogging, running, swimming or playing an active sport. With regular fat loss and abdominal training, you will get the six pack that you want.

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