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Where to buy Brazilian coffee

Coffee is a well-travelled product, emanating from Ethiopia in the 13th century, as word spread of its revitalising properties from Africa, Europe to America. Coffee quickly became a global bean. In the 21st century, Brazil stands proudly as the greatest producer of coffee in the world, but with a surplus of options. Where is the best place to buy Brazilian? This article is going to point you in the right direction.

Brazilian basics

As the world's largest coffee producer, the majority of Brazilian coffee is unsurprisingly a ’non-speciality’. The absence of volcanic soil and elevated land on which to grow means that Brazil is lacking in the traditional factors which create a truly ‘special’ coffee. However, this is not to say that Brazilan coffee cannot be outstanding or adaptable. Try making your own Brazilian coffee cookies with the following recipe from To help you to find the best of Brazilian, check out the three following websites whereby each one provides a slightly different slant on the coffee buying experience.


This is a safe bet to get your coffee-buying experience started. Whittard has an outstanding pedigree and an surprisingly broad selection of Brazil-based coffees. However, as Whittard attempts to please thousands of coffee and tea fans alike its website, perhaps lacks the specificity that Brazilian coffee enthusiasts may want. Besides, if you’re starting out on your coffee-buying journey, consider Whittards as a reliable and classy choice.


CoffeeAM has the pedigree of an established coffee bean shop without patronising the more educated visitor with generic information. The company proclaims to be the “world's largest online gourmet coffee and tea company”. Whilst its selection of Brazilian coffee is not as comprehensive as some competitors, for an excellent combination of reasonable pricing, comprehensive information and pedigree, check out:

Sweet Maria's

If you’re an aspiring coffee aficionado who shops off the beaten path, then check out:
Sweet Maria’s provides visitors with the means to really learn about their favourite bean whilst making their selection. What Sweet Maria’s lacks in traditional online shopping glamour is more than compensated for by the sheer wealth of knowledge. If you want information on your coffee’s intensity, roast and varietal type, then Sweet Maria’s will be a welcome change from standard coffee shops. Finally, if reading this article has given you a taste for learning more about coffee, then visit for one of the most comprehensive coffee guides on the web.

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