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Where to buy cake plates

Cake plates are used for various occasions and events. A cake plate could describe any plate used to hold cake. Cake plates are also used as stands, used for entertaining and storing displaying cakes. This article shows you where to buy cake plates.

Cake plates

Small plates are referred to as cake plates and are often used to serve cake at special gatherings, once the cake has been cut as well as as cake holders. If you are just enjoying a cake at home, it doesn't matter what plate you use. However, special occasions call for something a bit more elegant. Pedestal cake plates are cake plate that are often used to provide a decorative element and to separate layered cakes, like tiered wedding cakes.

Where to shop

Look for cake plates on the High-Street. Many stores, including Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, and John Lewis, sell a variety of cake plates for your event. Discounted stores, like T.K. Maxx also sell cake plates, but it may be harder to find a full matching set. Visit local antique and second-hand shops to find beautiful pre-loved cake plates. Often, these sources sell cake plates at discount rates, and usually, the cake plates on sale are no longer being made, making them rare and just a bit more special.


Search the Internet to find yourself a bargain. Websites such as eBay allow users to bid on cake plates and offer a wide variety of styles, including porcelain and antique or vintage styled cake plates. These websites also offer a picture of the cake plate, so you can ensure that you like it before purchasing. However, make sure that you read all of the information that the seller provides about their condition. There is no point buying a cake plate that is chipped as people will not want to use them due to hygiene issues.


Depending on the event, you may want the cake to match your new plate sets and cake trays or to other displays that are decorating the event. Think about the colour scheme too. For an extra touch of something special, match your kitchen serving plates with your tiered cake platter stand. Matching the three-tier cake stand will help to tie everything together, which is especially important at a wedding. Try to get paper to wrap cake gifts in, if you can match it to your platter serving set as it will remind everyone of the day, and will make a lovely keepsake from your day.

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