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Where to buy over knee socks online

Girl’s knee socks are like socks that tighten at the knee and can be of varying materials. Knee highs can be worn instead of nylons, as a flirty companion to a skirt, or as a naughty addition to lingerie. There are dozens of speciality websites to buy knee highs from that ship internationally, such as Foot Traffic, Ebay, Sock Dreams and Stockin Girl.

Foot Traffic

Foot Traffic is a website that sells leggings, arm and leg warmers, thigh highs and more importantly, high knee socks and toe socks. Knee highs come in all different textures and prints. They come in solid colours, stripes, skull and crossbones, argyle, knitted, pinstripe, rainbow, peace sign, polka dot, lurex, wide stripes and cotton. These socks are available at the website for an affordable $9 USD a piece.

Sock Dreams is a website that offers adorable knee high socks, amongst other items such as anklets, thigh high socks and tights. Styles range from stripes, opaque stripes nylon, fishnet, sneaker styles, polka dot, military boot socks, harlequin trouser socks, Paris style, monkey, skull and stripes, black and white striped socks, unicorn, spaceship and whale style socks, amongst many other styles. These socks range in price from $5.00 to $8.00 USD. Sock Dreams ships free to the United States, and also ships internationally.

Stockin Girl

Stockin Girl is a women's website that specialises in women's undergarments, including lingerie, tights, stockings, pantyhose, leggings and knee highs. Designs come in Aztec pyramid, floral, Scottish, Abigail patterned knee socks, cotton knee highs, crochet, scrunched, sparkled, argyle, textured, cable knit, fuzzy, animal print, zebra, polka dots, and lace.


The auction website Ebay is another great option for finding one of a kind knee high socks for women that are inexpensive. Typing in "knee high stocking" or "pantyhose" will return thousands of results, some that are as cheap as one penny. Ebay also offers vintage socks, neon socks and other speciality stockings. Be mindful when buying from sellers from Asia, as the shipping does take a while and the sizes do run small. Watch for good Ebay ratings from the sellers and be aware of where the seller ships to.

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