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Sabbath Keeper's name

Radical Reformation - The Journey of a Sabbath Keeper Réforme Radicale – Le Parcours d’un Observateur du Sabbat John 17:3 And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. Jean 17:3 Or, la vie éternelle, c'est qu'ils te connaissent, toi, le seul vrai Dieu, et celui que tu as envoyé, Jésus Christ.
Sabbath Keeper Sabbath Keeper
Articles : 129
Since : 11/01/2010
Category : Religions & Beliefs

Beast Rising

Antichrist, the Man of Lawlessness, and the Beast
David Maas David Maas
Articles : 19
Since : 24/04/2022
Category : Religions & Beliefs

Păreri despre vrăjitoare

Părerile celor care au apelat la vrăjitoarele din România și din alte țări
Păreri despre vrăjitoare Păreri despre vrăjitoare
Articles : 100
Since : 19/08/2015
Category : Religions & Beliefs

Liječenje Kur'anom

"Mi u Kur'anu objavljujemo ono što je milost i lijek vjernicima." (El-Isra,82)
Liječenje Kur'anom Liječenje Kur'anom
Articles : 178
Since : 29/01/2013
Category : Religions & Beliefs

Kingdom Disciples

Studies on Jesus Christ and discipleship
David Maas David Maas
Articles : 22
Since : 26/04/2022
Category : Religions & Beliefs

Jewish Interest Stories by Jill Culiner
J. Arlene Culiner J. Arlene Culiner
Articles : 24
Since : 02/12/2020
Category : Religions & Beliefs

Saved but not perfect

You may or may not agree with me on this, but I can see why so many "non believers" can be turned off by people who call themselves Christians. Sometimes, we get so zealous in our own idea of what a "good Christian" is, that people tune us out instead of us being able to tuning them in! I hope that this blog can anwer questions, give insight and most importantly - give truth! A Christian does not mean that you are perfect, superior or entitled to judge - it simply means that we strive everday to be better tomorrow than we were today!
Joy Odom Joy Odom
Articles : 20
Since : 02/03/2015
Category : Religions & Beliefs

Why worry when you can pray, trust in Jesus and He will lead your ways, don't be a doubting Thomas,keep trusting on his promises, and it will surely be well with you. More over if Jesus the master prayed, why can't you pray. So therefore prayer meeting is your on line companion in prayers. It's designed to meet the prayer needs of the internet community. At every point in time, someone is spiritually here praying, so when you come to prayer meeting, you will surely be praying with some one.
Articles : 84
Since : 10/07/2011
Category : Religions & Beliefs

Message of Islam

Site is related to Islamic knowledge, Quran and Hadith.
Articles : 894
Since : 21/12/2013
Category : Religions & Beliefs

Blog de l'abbé C. Laffargue

Site spirituel
Abbé Laffargue Abbé Laffargue
Articles : 529
Since : 28/08/2013
Category : Religions & Beliefs

United Believers Network Internationa (UBNi)

A Ministry where you have Free access to daily revelation from scriptures, thoughts provoking nuggets, mentality renovation and where you are baptized with power for exploits. We are passionate to see souls saved into the kingdom of God and to see that the earth is filled with the knowledge, principles, power, presence and glory of God.
United Believers Network International United Believers Network International
Articles : 165
Since : 13/06/2016
Category : Religions & Beliefs

Impacting The Nations

Son of A Thunder (Mark 3:17) | Word Become Flesh
Max Asher Max Asher
Articles : 148
Since : 08/05/2014
Category : Religions & Beliefs

Wesley Gidden, Messenger Sent by God is President and Founder of The Non-Profit Christian Organizatiion- The Messenger and The Message. SLOGAN: The Messenger and The Message that touches lives and changes lives forever for the better! Email:
Wesley Gidden Wesley Gidden
Articles : 18
Since : 22/06/2018
Category : Religions & Beliefs

Writing with Passion!

Writing about Anything in My Mind!
Hakimi Abdul Jabar Hakimi Abdul Jabar
Articles : 120
Since : 18/11/2015
Category : Religions & Beliefs


Articles : 11
Since : 10/07/2015
Category : Religions & Beliefs


LOVE GUIDANCE,RELATIONSHIP HEALINGS,PAST LIFE AND ANCESTOR HEALINGS Psychic Medium Healing papa Bruhan Papa Bruhan am a #PsychicHealer. Born with the gift of #clairvoyance, I have been assisting people all over #SouthAfrica & abroad for almost #23years. My services are genuine and include: • #Mediumship #Crossovers (communicating with loved ones who have #passed away) • #Angel & #Tarot #Card readings • #Guidance/#PastLife/#Relationship/#Career & #Business #Readings #House/ #Business #Cleansing, #Home & Business Blessings #Removal of #Negative #Energy • #LightDistantEnergy #Healing All my readings are #Authentic #channellings from #Spirit & client confidentiality is an important facet of my work. Readings can be done via #Whatsapp or in person. For Prices & Bookings kindly contact/Whatsapp Healing papa +27731826876 Angel Blessings Come flash away all those who are cheating with your lovers,Lock his heart to be yours parment,send back all bad evil spirits,stop in laws from talking bad about you,Be liked and get promoted at your workplace,come get my Ultimate protection from all evil jealousy people who are against you. Are you financially drained,are debts stressing you giving you sleepless nights stop that today here is a powerful love spell caster and spiritual healer Papa Bruhan to help you out call Makhosi papa Bruhan +27731826876
Dr Bruhan Dr Bruhan
Articles : 42
Since : 25/03/2015
Category : Religions & Beliefs


ပရဟိတကုိ စိတ္၀င္စားသူ အားလုံးကုိ ေႏြးေထြးစြာၾကိဳဆုိပါ၏။
အနႏၱေမတၱာပရဟိတအဖြဲ႔ အနႏၱေမတၱာပရဟိတအဖြဲ႔
Articles : 16
Since : 20/02/2015
Category : Religions & Beliefs

Islamic Wazifa Spells is an Islamic Religious Website Offering Islamic Prayers Like Wazifa, Muslim Spells, Dua and Amal To People Who are Suffering From Love Relationship Problems Like Lost Love, Husband Wife Marital Issues, Divorces Related Problems, Husband Misbehave, Getting Ex-Husband/Ex-Wife Back etc. Our Wazifa Expert Molvi Abdul Rihab Ji is able to make effective dua and wazifa spells to help human beings from their day to day issues. For more info, visit our web @
Molvi Abdul Rihab Molvi Abdul Rihab
Articles : 73
Since : 19/01/2018
Category : Religions & Beliefs

Being Catholic

This blog explores the Scriptural and Traditional foundations of the Catholic faith since apostolic time.
Marian Catholic Marian Catholic
Articles : 32
Since : 30/08/2020
Category : Religions & Beliefs

Cele mai cautate vrajitoare din Romania
Segra Media Segra Media
Articles : 191
Since : 14/03/2014
Category : Religions & Beliefs
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