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Breyers ice cream: Review and rate

Known for quality ingredients, Breyers ice cream has been making sweet frozen confections since 1866. The company started as a one-man operation, where William A. Breyer hand-churned ice cream for his lucky neighbours. It didn't take long for word-of-mouth to spread the word about how good Breyers ice cream tasted. Breyers ice cream was named one of Philadelphia's best foods shortly after he started cranking out the tasty treat, and it still has a reputation for quality today.

Review of Breyers good humor choco taco

Available in many grocery stores as well as some Taco Bell restaurants, the Choco-Taco offers a rich, chocolatey taste experience. The Good Humor Breyers division of the Unilever company makes a chocolatey frozen treat marketed under the Klondike brand as the Choco-Taco. While the Choco-Taco was originally created in 1980, it has slowly grown into a favoured ice cream treat for many chocolate lovers over the years. The Choco-Taco starts with a taco-shaped sugar cone, The shell is filled with layers of vanilla ice cream and creamy fudge. Finally, the whole creation is topped with peanuts and crispy milk chocolate topping. The resulting product is a frosty combination of crispy and creamy, as well as mostly sweet but still lightly salty.

Rating the Breyers good humor choco taco

A number of qualities, including texture, creaminess, sweetness, and overall experience work together to make a good ice cream eating experience. The Choco-Taco rates pretty well on all counts.
Texture The Choco-Taco rates high when it comes to texture. On a scale of one to five, with five being perfect, the Choco-Taco is a four. It is a bundle of crunchiness and melt-in-your mouth creaminess that provides a good all-around experience. Early Choc-Tacos had problems with soggy shells, but that has been addressed and the resulting product is greatly improved.
Creaminess The Choco-Taco is creamy, but not as creamy as other types of Breyers ice cream because it is made from reduced fat ice cream. While the Choco-Taco only gets about a three when it comes to creaminess, the reduced fat ice cream is a nice touch for weight-conscious ice cream overs.
Sweetness If you like sweet things, the Choco-Taco will rate high for you. It is very sweet with the sugary shell, ice cream and fudge layers plus a thick layer of chocolate on top.
Overall experience The Breyers ice cream, Good Humor, Klondike Choco-Taco provides a great overall experience for both chocolate lovers and ice cream lovers. If chocolate isn't your favorite, check out all natural Breyers ice creams in fruit flavours, such as strawberry; the other flavours also rate high due to the quality ingredients used to make them.

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