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How to write a cookbook?

If you are a professional chef or cook or just competent in your kitchen at home there is a good chance you have many recipes stored over the time you have been cooking. If you have ever wondered how to make a cookbook then read on. Writing a cookbook is a project that takes patience but with the right preparation, you can achieve a permanent collection of your favourite dishes.

What type of cookbook?

You will have to decide on what type of recipes you will include in your cookbook. Do you have a strong expertise in a specialist area or will you offer recipes across a broad range of cooking?

Ingredients and equipment

- Your ingredients and equipment used should be listed in the order that they are required.
- Food items that are chopped, peeled or fried should be clearly stated.
- Amounts should all be in the same system ounces and fluid ounces, grams and centiliters. (you could use both, that way it would appeal to a more international audience)

Organize your recipes

- Write your recipes into neat and clear documents.
- Use photos and colour to make each page look more attractive to a reader.
- Arrange your pages in such a way that the ingredients and cooking method can be easily read and followed.

Clearly state sizes

- The size of pans or containers to be used should be clearly stated.
- You should also specify the cooking time or descriptions such as "until a light golden brown" to fully inform the readers or to present a picture in the readers' mind of how the item should look.
- You should further state whether an item is to be covered or left open while cooking.

Section or categorize

Each section of your cookbook should themed or categorized. Tips
- You could have further sub-sections. For example, a section on meats could be sub-divided into the different meats.
- Starters or appetizers could be divided by such things as soups, cold starters etc.

Master copy

- Once you have the recipes all listed on your computer and ready to send to a publisher, save a copy on a separate disc
- Keep this as your master copy.

Cookbook publishers

Many companies specialize in cookbook publishing. They can supply you with quotes as to how much your project will cost. Many of these companies can, at a price, supply you with the relevant cookbook publishing software to make your project appear more professional. It is always best to shop around and inquire as to what is included and more importantly what is not.

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