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What to consider when buying the cheapest LCD TV

If you are considering buying an LCD TV, I will be discussing some important things to consider. I will also be covering some specific things you should look for when picking out your new TV.

Finding the least expensive TV

Search for cheap TV deals Like everything, we want to be aware how we are spending our money. Cheap TV deals are out there, we just have to find them. When you are looking to buy anything, not just TV's it is a good plan to shop around and find out what everyone is selling and for how much. You might find while you search that one store has the exact same product for a lower price or with more options.
Sales You may even stumble across sales that affect something you plan on buying. By shopping around, you might find that even though the prices are the same, one store will be having 15% off sale one weekend. You can then opt to buy the product during the sale to get the best deal.

Things to notice about a TV

When you are looking for a TV, something to keep in mind are HDTV compatibility, Screen resolution, and connectivity. Compatibility Firstly, it is HDTV compatibility. Most new LCD TV's are designed to display HD picture 1080p and a 16:9 display ratio. Hence, it is important for you to be aware of this when looking to purchase your new TV. To utilise these settings and get this high quality picture, you will need HD channels and an HD channel box that will depend on who your cable provider is. Screen resolution The next thing to note is screen resolution, new LCD TV's will be able to handle 480p, 720p and 1080p. 720 and 1080 are the two HD resolutions.
Connectivity The finale and one of the most important thing to note about the TV you are buying is its range of connectivity. A TV with a wide range of connectivity will have a large assortment of different input options. It will even have some output options depending on what you will be using it for or if you will be sending sound out to separate speakers. It is good if your HD TV has several HDMI inputs, several component inputs and of course the standard yellow, red and white video and left and right audio inputs. If you are looking for cable or a TV service provider, try direct TV for deals on service at You can also use Google to search for service providers in your area.

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