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Where can you find Delon body butter?

Delon body butter is a sought after product. Available in a variety of delicious fragrances, including Mango, Asian Lily, White Chocolate and Olive, there is something for everyone in Delon's range of body butters. A luxurious product, Delon Body Butter is solid at 99 degrees Fahrenheit, but melts into your skin at 103F. This article takes a look at where to get Delon's indulgent body butters.

Buy Delon body butter online

You can view the full range of Delon natural body butters on the Delon website at
If you wish to purchase one of the products, you will be taken to, where you can purchase the products in the USA. also offers international deliveries, though this may be quite costly for those in Europe or Asia. Online British shops
British customers who want to get hold of Delon Body Butters should visit, a US-based site which promises low-shipping costs and will convert all prices into Pounds Sterling.
The Delon Body Butter and Lip Butter Sample Pack costs £15.35, which includes an international service fee.
A set of six 9oz Delon Body Butters costs just £21.93 to UK customers, and comes in Coconut, Mango and Olive perfumes (2 of each in a set).

Outlets and Ebay sellers

Oxton Partnership
Oxton Partnership Limited offers worldwide shipping on all Delon Body Butter products.
Visit to see the full range of health and beauty products stocked by Oxton, or simply go straight to to purchase Delon moisturizing Body Butters.
Airless Pump Action Body butters cost from £4.99, with shipping costing £2.25 to the UK, £2.95 to Europe, and £3.99 to the rest of the world, including the US and Canada.
Given that the products are readily available on, American customers may want to avoid the shipping costs on this site.
Oxton Partnership offers discounts if you bulk-buy, so stock up!
Delon is rapidly catching up with the Body Shop, and brands such as Bliss for organic body butters.
Ebay sellers have been quick to jump on this bandwagon.
UK customers can pick up Delon Body Butters on
Oxton Partnership also sells on Ebay, and Angel Chiropody also stock some body butter products from the Delon range.
Keep checking back on for more Delon products, available as Buy It Now auctions.
Final word
Delon Body Butter is available across the UK.
Shop around for the best deal, and watch out for shipping costs. *All prices correct as of 30/05/2011

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