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Where to buy butcher block counter-tops

If you want to cook properly, you should ensure you have the right equipment. That is why you may want to buy a butcher block - especially if you prepare a lot of meat. Find out more about buying butcher block counter-tops for the kitchen here.

Shopping for a butcher block

Things to look out for
When buying butcher block counter-tops, it is important to shop around.
After all, they are a major purchase and looking at different retailers can save you money.
You may also want to ask anyone in the food preparation trade if they know where you can get a bargain.
You may want to check online retailers such as eBay to get a cut price butcher block.
However, when buying something as large as a butcher block through eBay, the postage and packaging costs will be significant. Where can you buy butcher blocks from?
On the other hand, stores such Ikea and Magnet stock a wide range of butcher blocks and counter-tops.
When shopping in these stores, you will be able to discuss your needs with staff to ensure that you get a butcher block that fits your budget and suits the decor of your kitchen.
Butcher blocks are available in many styles of wood, so you should be sure to find one that suits your kitchen design.
The kitchen accessory designer John Boos specialises in maple butcher blocks, which are attractive and durable.
However, John Boos is based in Illinois, so you may have to go online to buy these butcher blocks if you live overseas.
Almost every kitchen accessory store will stock a selection of butcher blocks, which makes comparing prices and buying them a simple and straightforward task.

Using a butcher block

How to use it?
Butcher block cutting boards are much more convenient than conventional chopping boards.
Indeed, a butcher block is like a kitchen island, rather than just a board.
You can use the wooden counter-tops to chop and prepare meat, while most models have other compartments for knives and other implements, so they are always close at hand.
Some will even have a rack attached to hold pots and pans. Final word
This means that a butchers block table an be used to add additional work surface space in your kitchen, both by storing implements and by providing another surface to prepare food on.

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