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A review of All-Bran cereal

Your average supermarket will stock a huge variety of cereals catering for a diverse range of tastes and diets. Hidden amongst the colourfully-packaged sugary brands synonymous with our childhood sit the ‘healthy cereals'. Of these, All Bran is surely one of the most famous, but can healthy also be tasty? This article provides a review of All-Bran cereal.

A direct comparison

Whilst All-Bran will never be as immediately moreish as Honey Nut Cheerios, Golden Grahams or Krave, it still has lasting appeal. My advice is: If you’re used to the more sugary cereals, don’t be initially put-off by All-Bran's unique texture and taste, give it time. Flavour All-Bran’s subtle flavour means that there’s more room to add other ingredients like fruit or nuts, something that isn’t always possible with more overpowering sugary cereals. One potential negative for the cereal aficionado is that All-Bran has a tendency to go soggy in milk unlike its rivals that come in a ‘flake’ format.

Bran versus oats

Oat-based cereals have started to make their mark on the cereal-market but how does All-Bran compare to the new kids on the block? Firstly, when comparing All-Bran to a ’popular’ cereal (Cheerios), its nutritional supremacy is clear: Roughly 80 less calories per 100g but with 20g more fibre for the same serving. Meanwhile, Oatibix, marketed as a healthy cereal also contains considerably less fibre but similar fat and carbohydrates. Oats offer their own unique health benefits (see: for many examples), but once again All-Bran is the clear winner if it’s additional fibre that you are looking for.


Unlike some of its competitors, All-Bran is highly versatile, removing the need for potentially fattening milks. It also means you can get your fibre-fix and maintain a healthy-lifestyle through more than one medium; 40% of daily requirement for fibre. If you want some handy tips on how to prepare your All-Bran in new an interesting ways, check out the latest All-Bran Recipes:

When it comes to the crunch

Whilst famous for being a healthy cereal, All-Bran is still tasty enough (without resorting to adding sugar) to warrant a try, especially if you’re looking for something different. A final word However, if you’re concerned about the number of calories in your cereal or you have a diet deficient in fibre, All-Bran should definitely feature on your shopping list, not least because of its diversity.

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